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"Let's Geopolitics Now" by Antonella Silipigni is an introductory guide to the complex field of geopolitics. The book provides a brief analysis and summary of the main events of the last twenty years in international politics and global political strategy. It aims to help beginners take their first steps in understanding the interactions and relationships between states, nations, and regions around the world. The author provides a comprehensive overview of the key geopolitical trends and challenges of the last two decades and highlights their impact on global politics. With clear explanations and engaging examples, this book will stimulate the interest and curiosity of readers to further explore the fascinating and important field of geopolitics. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply interested in international affairs, "Let's Geopolitics Now" is the perfect guide to help you take your first steps in this exciting field.

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A waltz of poems about death, immortality, faith, pain, grief across the past and the present. Research, revelation and freedom through a long-term condition, quarantine and counselling unveiled truths. Games through words and rhymes where you can find hints of humour that burst through. Tough-minded poetry.

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The book offers a panoramic overview of the current situation. Then contents of the book explore the impact of the pandemic on the economy, society, geopolitics, environment and technology and the effects in micro terms, on specific industries and companies. The book in the end hypothesises about the nature of the possible consequences at the individual level giving a view on a possible new radical "Great Reset" founded on "Cancel Debts" worldwide for a "Global New Economy System", a "New Global Basic Income", a "New Global Currency ". Fantasy or a very possible reality?

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